Hilma's Heart Community Organization, Inc.

Hilma’s Heart was developed in honor of our mother, Hilma who passed away suddenly due to complications from pneumonia. Hilma was a genuine woman with a huge heart. As a single mother of five children, she dedicated her life and sacrificed so much to help her children and others; simply because she wanted to see others thrive and maximize their potential. No matter how much she struggled, she did not complain nor seek attention for the things she did. 

Throughout her life, she experienced trauma that she did not get to unpack and heal from, yet she was such a good person to others. Our mother’s life and our experiences have influenced our mission to help others break away from anything that can hold them back. 


Hilma’s Heart is an organization that is dedicated to serving people in need and helping others unpack from their pasts, develop an awareness of trans-generational trauma to promote trans-generational healing, and help them navigate towards maximizing their full potential. 

Through this organization we can keep her heart beating, continue to donate/serve at shelters, build people in the community, offer targeted workshops for youth, single parents, children in single parent homes, etc., and continue her legacy, share her light, while serving as a village for those in need.

"It takes a village to raise a child" and a village to help each other as we navigate life. We can't do life alone...whether it's a volunteer, family member, teacher, colleague, doctor, neighbor, friend, classmate, or a stranger, we all have the ability to positively influence beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes as a child grows up or impact someone who needs direction, regardless of age. No one is perfect, and as a community, we can choose to help each other or shed light in a dark area of someone's life"