Internship and Practicum Program


Hilma's Heart Internship and Practicum Program

Hilma's Heart Internship and Practicum Program has been uniquely designed to serve as your personal career development consultant. We partner with you to set goals and build upon the professional experience you have learned in the classroom. We desire for this opportunity to be meaningful and align to your professional objectives while you gain hands on experience.  We cannot do what we do without the partnership of volunteers and those who have a passion for helping others. Intern and Practicum positions are listed below:

  • Middle School Mentor
  • Middle School Tutor
  • Graduate Intern
  • Program Analyst
  • Program Management / Coordinator​
  • Student Success Coordinator


If you have a vision for a partnership that is not listed, we encourage you to apply and/or contact us with your questions at: info@hilmasheart.org

Internship Areas

Mentor: Middle School Based

Hilma's Heart Mentors partner serve as a safe space for young men and women in grades: 6th - 12th. Mentors will meet with students during an after-school mentorship program on their school campus. All of our services are free to participants. Without volunteers this wouldn't be possible. We can all think of a time that we needed guidance with navigating life. Research and surveys prove that having a mentor is important to success & can change the trajectory of someone's life

Tutor: Middle School Based

Hilma’s Heart Tutors provide guidance and academic support to young men and women in Middle School. Tutors will meet with students during school or during an after-school tutoring program at one of our partner schools, All of our services are free to participants to remove barriers. We hope to fill the gap by providing free tutoring to families who might otherwise be unable to afford it or are in need of academic support for their student.

Graduate intern

The Graduate Intern will partner directly with the Executive Director/Founder of Hilma’s Heart to strengthen our organization’s goals and identify areas for improvement. The Graduate Intern would provide support with developing a strategic implementation plan that will clarify major goals and objectives that we hope to achieve and specific steps for reaching those goals and objectives in the future.

Program Analyst

Provide assistance with designing, developing, and strengthening the implementation of our programs and projects. This would involve analyzing data, creating reports, and developing strategies to improve program performance.

Program Management

Provide project management supervision and assist with tasks such as data collection, analysis, and preparing strategic reports.

Student Success Coordinator

Provide managerial level work, overseeing daily operations of their assigned department, communicating and providing support to interns/practicum students, and community partners.

Success Story

Jocelyn Woods, Campus Based ELA Tutor